Genealogy Services

My services are not only to trace the facts of your ancestral lines but to help you explore the stories of your family history.                                               

My genealogical research work covers most of England, Wales, Canada and certain parts of the United States where I am most knowledgeable.  I have some experience doing research in Scotland and Ireland as well.  

You will receive more than just a list of names, places and dates.  Some of the services I can provide are as follows:

  • Pedigree Charts:  This report will provide the research of the ancestral lines of your family you wish to have researched as far asMolly's Pedigree Chart records are readily available.          
  • Descendant Charts:  Sometimes you are interested in all lines or only cetain, special lines of descendants from one particular ancestor.
  • Family History:   Browsing newspapers of the times and localities of your ancestors will provide glimpses into their lives, how they lived in the time, what their living conditions were like, along with obituaries and articles of interest.  Occupations can be researched to provide insight into working conditions.
  • Residential History:  Following an ancestor throughout available censuses will give specific addresses where they lived which we can provide either in list form, a copy of an old map of their street or a current map of the present area.
  • Emigration Records & Passenger Lists:  Where ever possible, I will attempt to fulfil the route of emigration and obtain copies of an index or a passenger list to supply you with further information on your family's travels.
  • And more...

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