Trace My Ancestree, Genealogy Services
Trace My Ancestree, Genealogy Services
Trace My Ancestree, Genealogy Services


A blog is maintained on items of genealogical, family and DNA interest. Hopefully you will find it entertaining! (Sorry not recently updated due to medical issues and time constraints.)

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Trace My Ancestree, Genealogy Services


  • 2013 - Heir search in England and Canada for immediate first cousins of the client, obtaining death certificates and reporting to their lawyer. This involved expanding a link to a previously unknown ancestor and following the family line to the current generation.  "Thank you for the extensive work you have done with finding all my cousins.  The lawyer and the courts are now satisfied with the death certificates provided and are now proceeding with finalizing the will.  Your work was very much appreciated."  BS, New York, NY
  • 2013 - Completed and extensive project which took many hours of research and provided the client with a full documented family tree with 5 generations and collateral lines with all documentation for events in a presentation binder.  We didn't accomplish the original goal of trying to connect this family with a famous person in the 1700's but the focus moved to the family records that were available and producing this family history to be presented to the client's parents for Christmas:  "My parents were absolutely thrilled to get it [the binder with the research].  My mom has spent many hours with her sisters pouring over it and pulling out long forgotten family photos.   ... Really, working with you was an absolute breeze, and the depth of the research has pleased me no end."  AS, Calgary, AB
  • 2012 - Completed Y-DNA results for two eighth cousins and my father:  "What a wonderful surprise to find out we are all related :-) be honest Linda already knows more about my immediate family history than I do or indeed any of my closest relations." GV, Barnsley, Yorkshire, England to RV, Goleta, California, USA 
  • 2012 - Traced a client's mother's father's line back four generations to be done in a week for her birthday: "[My mother] absolutely loved her gift.  I would like to continue the search as her Christmas Gift."  KM, Newmarket, ON
  • 2012 - For a family reunion, a descendant family tree was produced from the patriarch of the family that emigrated from Poland to Manitoba:  "We had a good famly reunion and everyone was very impressed with all your work - so thank you from them!  M.. left for Winnipeg yesterday with a copy of the tree and she'll sit down the aunty Fr.. to try and fill in a little of the blanks.  Then can I send it back to you for an update?  Thanks."  PC, Langley, BC
  • 2011 – A client requested information about what happened to her father's three brothers during The Great War, one apparently died under unusual circumstances.  Our report included a copy of the newspaper article for the suspicious death of one and information on the deaths and interments of the other two in France:  "Thanks so much for all the info on the T.. family.  We have spent many hours looking it over - so interesting - and much appreciated."  BT, Brantford, ON

  • 2010 - Requested to complete a family history back four generations which included emigration records, border crossings and resulted unexpectedly in an unusual occupation as that of a professional boxer and photos. 

  • 2008 - For an executor of a will, I was requested to follow a lady's ancestry to identify other possible members of her family.  Was able to locate records for her parents and her brother which was sufficient for his needs: "Thanks, Linda, this has been a great help to us in finding the family!"  CC, Abbotsford, BC

  • 2005 - Requested by a cousin to follow her father's line (the relationship was on her mother's side) as far as we were able in Lancashire, England.  Resulted in a family report with supporting certificates and census records back to the late 1700's: "Oh, Linda, receiving the envelope with all the details of our family including much of my Dad's was thrilling!  I will enjoy taking my time going through the report and the documents you sent.  Thank you very much!"  MM, Cumbria, England

  • 2002 & 2004 – Organized family reunions for my father's side of the family in the USA, held in Malta, DeKalb, Illinois. "We had a great time getting to know all our relations.  Thank you for your efforts." LH, Holman, Wisconsin, USA

  • 2003 - Completed a family history for a family whose grandfather had claimed he had come from England as an orphan.  The research revealed siblings, parents and specific emigration records for all members of the family and census records in England added further generations and quite an extensive family in Bedfordshire, England.