Packages and Costs

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What You’ll Receive: Up to 15 minutes of research letter reporting on results with an attached copy of the record.


2 hour research package
Example: Paternal Grand Parents c1880 – 1920

5 hour research package (10% off)
Example: All four Grand Parents c1880 – 1920

10 hour research package (10% off)
Example: Paternal Great Grand Parents with known siblings

What you receive

For the 2 Hour Package:
Letter indicating scope of work completed for each grandparent and copy of records found for each – BMD (Birth, Marriage, Death), Census Records

For the 5 Hour Package
Same as the 2 hour package plus all four with an ancestral report from specialized software

For the 10 Hour Package:
Letter indicating scope of work completed for each grandparent, personalized report of all findings, copies of records found for each – BMD (Birth, marriage, Death), Census Records and an ancestral report from specialized software


Cost for the 2 Hour Package:
$100. + expenses

Cost for the 5 Hour Package:
$225. + expenses

Cost for the 10 Hour Package:
$450. + expenses

Birth, Marriage and/or Death Record(s)

Census Record(s)

Ancestral Chart

Personalized Report

Example: as far back as one can go on a particular line, passenger and immigration records, military, etc.
What you’ll receive:
Presentation folder in book form with a letter indicating the scope of work; work completed with all found relatives and copies of records found for each. An ancestral chart and a personalized report for all found relatives along with a computer generated report from specialized software. Also suggestions as to further research available.

How Do We Proceed?

Initially, the meetings, emails and checking of availability of records to set up the original research plan is usually completed free of charge. Some records are readily available online, while others will require requests to other reporting agencies or physically visiting genealogical repositories to personally search their records.   This will enable me to get an overview of the scope of the research required.

How Do You Charge?

I charge on an hourly basis for the time spent specifically on your project.  This also allows me to present you with an itemization of how my time was spent doing your research.  Fees for archives, microform and document copies are fixed by the repositories; however, in an attempt to minimize expense, I will attempt in most cases to either take a photo of the document or film or use my own scanner if it is permitted.  If a third party researcher has to be engaged due to distance to the actual archives that holds the records, their fee is passed on to you at their actual cost which will be included in my invoice to you with a copy of the expense attached.  Copies of all expenses paid will be attached to your invoice whereever possible.

Overview of Fees Charged:  

Hourly charge for research and report writing:           $50.00 CAD

Traveling expenses:                                                    billed actual expenses
Photocopies, photos, archive fees, postage, etc.:       10% surcharge added to actual expenses
Third party research engaged:                                    billed at actual charge from engagement

Please note:  All fees and expenses are quoted and paid in Canadian dollars.

What are my Total Costs?

All invoices are payable through PayPal.  A deposit of 50% of the total estimated fee is required before research commences.  You will receive a PayPal invoice by email which you can pay online (you don’t need a PayPal account).  Upon completion of the project, the final invoice will give a detailed breakdown of the expenses incurred.  This balance including expenses will be invoiced also by PayPal at the end of the project and is payable upon receipt. 

Total costs incurred:

  • working hours (in the field & report writing)
  • travel time and costs
  • overnight stay (if applicable)
  • document copies / photographs
  • postage / phone
  • archival fees
  • third party fees 
  • miscellaneous expenses